Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Holy Craft! in The Boston Phoenix

Here's a screenshot of the blurb about the fair in the Editor's Event Picks section of this week's Phoenix...

Given how shaky glorious capitalism is looking these days, there’s no better time to start preparing for the eventual resurgence of the barter economy. But you don’t know how to make anything, you say? Gird your DIY loins and take notes at the Holy Craft Fair and Flea Market. In the same vein as the Bizarre Bazaar — only without the theremin serenades and, we’re guessing, the suffocating packed-to-the-gills attendance rate — Holy Craft brings together a slew of vendors hawking handmade knickknacks, clothes, jewelry, baked goods, and more at the Cambridge Elks Lodge, 55 Bishop Allen Dr, Cambridge noon–6 pm $1

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Vendor: Mass. Production

Mass. Production is a collective of young, Boston based, self-represented artists who create affordable art including art prints, handmade books, magnets and papergoods.

Vendor: Lola's Urban Vintage

Designer Nicoletta Lyons has developed a range of designs in various media and finishes. Her hand-crafted art has a unique style that draws from a variety of influences including vintage glamour and urban edge. Her creations include handbags, jewelry and other accessories.

Vendor: Lou's Upcycles

Lou Leelyn's trashion creations are made from plastic. From plastic that holds food products to plastic shopping bags that he picks up at the grocery store recycling container. His creations include shopping bags, courier bags, wallets and baby bibs.

Vendor: Spacetime Imaging

Andrew Lorge creates 3-D animated prints using photographs and art.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Vendor: Whistling Sparrow Designs

Libby Meehan finds pleasure in rediscovering the beauty of discarded daily garments and home goods. She works primarily from recycled T-Shirts creating skirts, dresses, tops and scarves. She also creates machine stitched greeting cards featuring vintage paper dolls.

Vendor: Scribble Nation

Lifetime B.F.F.'s, Mary Helen McNally and Michelle Barney have a taste for the unusual. Inspired for their combined collection of kitsch, Mary and Michelle get together to make their own unique creations. Their wares include jewelry, cocktail hats, plushies and much more!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Vendor: Classy Chassis

Its all about patterns and colors! Vintage clothing, handmade garments and bejeweled pasties are the wares of Classy Chassis.

Vendor: Savage Skull Attire

Savage Skull Attire are the cute creations of crafter Kyla Bierman. She not only makes handmade jewelry and hair bows, but clothing as well!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Vendor: Thirteenth Story

Thirteenth Story is the art of Jaye Frisina. Jaye's illustrations can be found on notecards as well as prints and in her new zine FIN, which brings together her art style and love of story telling.

Vendor: Vintage By Crystal

Vintage by Crystal are the whimsical figures and decorations created by Crystal Hanehan using antique, vintage and new items. Many of the materials used are recycled and re-purposed; all of her work is inspired by decorations and objects from the past.

Event Listing: Holy Craft! on Facebook Events

Be sure to add yourself to the guest list for Holy Craft! on the facebook event page!

Event Listing: Holy Craft! on Yelp

If you have a Yelp account be sure to add yourself to the list of attendees for Holy Craft!

Vendor: Pittstop Productions

Pittstop Productions are the products of Jodi Hnyda, she creates handmade soaps and sells adorable vintage clothing and housewares.

Vendor: Cadence Innovative Designs

Cadence Innovative Designs are artistic creations by Cadence Mapes-featuring new jewelry and accessories that already have a bit of history to them. The current collection contains many hand-decoupaged items featurng both modern and vintage paper and ephemera along with buttons--using many treasured items from my personal collection. The result is necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and home decor that are reminiscent of treasures brought home from markets by a world traveller.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Vendor: Belle & Katrina

Together friends Belle and Katrina focus on upcycled arts and crafts creating an eclectic mix of jewelry, cards and accessories.

Vendor: MFS Distribution

MFS Distribution carries punk, hardcore, metal and rock records and cd's.

Vendor: Elizabeth Brennick Designs

Crafter Elizabeth Brennick creates a variety of adorable items from women and children clothing to bags and accessories.

Vendor: Moth Designs

A moth is a good omen in north africa. Moth designs was borne of Mary E. Robbins' love for thrifting, vintage materials, silkscreen, and her sewing machine. Her silkscreened t-shirts with arabic captions are created in support of the arabic speaking community, local and at large. By learning one word, we take a small step towards closing the gap between east and west.

Vendor: Glamourpuss Creations

Glamourpuss Creations: modern fare with a vintage flare; hip jewelry and accessories made from the neatest uncirculated vintage materials.

DJ: Penny Dreadful

DJ Penny Dreadful will be spinning Boston Punk, Oi! and anything else she pleases.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Coupon for Vendors & Crafters

In addition to their weekly 40% off coupon AC Moore has printed a 50% coupon for any one item in the store that is valid for today only.
AC Moore Coupons

Monday, March 2, 2009

Vendor: Rattfink Press

Rattfink Press is an adorable collection of handmade books, gocco printed & hand stamped stationary and paper goods created by Ellen Arnstein.

Vendor: Thimblewinder

Thimblewinder is a collection of adorable creations including fabric crowns, gift tags, pincushions and handmade buttons by crafter Marissa Falco.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Vendor: White Sparrow Bindery

White Sparrow Bindery is a gorgeous collection of handmade journals, miniature books, photo albums, and books with content.

Vendor: Lilly Bug's Mum

Bright, fun and adorable handmade ceramic tablewares and gift items created by artist Karissa Chase.

Vendor: The Pebble Collection

An offering of handcrafted jewelry and accessories inspired by the little girl in each of us who once picked wildflowers and collected pretty stones and shells because they made her feel special. Well, she is all grown up and the stones are now faceted and the shells cut and polished but that feeling remains the same.

Vendor: Olaria Studio

Olaria Studio is the porcelain jewelry and pottery line by artist Amy McClure. She creates these gorgeous pieces using the elements of printmaking and graphic design while keeping an eye toward function and quality.

Vendor: Pinecone + Chickadee

Pinecone + Chickadee is a collaboration between graphic designer, Amy Teh, and her musician husband, Noah DeFillips. The due silkscreen their artwork onto greeting cards, journals, apparel and accessories.

Vendor: MUM

MUM is a collection of jewelry created by crafter Melinda Brandt. Melinda uses vintage findings, leather, stones and feathers to create these beautiful works of wearable art.

Vendor: Hung Up On A Dream

Hung Up On A Dream is a jewelry and accessories line created by crafter Leilani Collins. Using refashioned vintage supplies Leilani creates fabulous hairclips, brooches and headbands.

Vendor: Pepperberry

Pepperberry is the crocheted creations of crafter Alisson Grenier. Pepperberry includes adorable crocheted and stuffed toys, printed crochet patters and crochet kits.